Supply List for Incoming Grade 5s 2018-2019

Please re-use school supplies from last year if possible!

 5A & 5B Supply List

2 Duotangs (please label:  1 Black (French) and one Blue (Music)

1 pack of loose leaf paper (200 sheets)

 2 packages of HB Pencils (10 – 12 pencils in each),

1 red pen

1 package of black pens

1 glue stick (Please label)

2 Sharpie markers

1 scissors

1 box of Kleenex

1 pack of 24 coloured pencils

1 pack of oil pastels

2 white erasers

1 pencil case

1 protractor

1 ruler (30 cm)

1 roll of masking tape

1 pair of indoor sneakers

1 covered pencil sharpener

Gym Clothes

1 three-fold poster board with title bar (Please keep this at home for now)

2 Small art canvasses 10 x 8 inch 

1 Pack of air drying clay

 1 Multi pack of plasticine clay

1 pack inexpensive paint brushes (Various sizes)

Stylus for iPad

 2 Pairs of ear buds for the iPad (One stays home as a backup)

5C  (French Immersion) Supply List


1 Package of Protective sleeves 8 ½” X 11"

8 duo-tangs

A few paint brushes for Art (optional)

3 pocket folders (any kind)

1 ruler (30cm)

2 packs of pencils

2 pens

1 stylus (for the iPad)

1 sketchbook

1 pair of ear buds

1 binder - 2inch (no zipper)

2 erasers

1 pencil sharpener with cover

1 pencil case

1 pack of coloured pencils (24)

1 pack of markers (unscented)

2 glue sticks (large)

1 pair of scissors

1 roll of scotch tape

1 box of tissues

2 packs of 100 sheets loose leaf

2 packs of grid paper for math (0,5 cm)

indoor shoes

gym clothes




Supply List for Incoming Grade 7s 2018-2019

iPad & stylus

1 duotang or small binder for homework (Math)

 1 binder (English/Social Studies)

 1 duotang (Healthy Living)

 1 package of dividers

 3 packages of pencils

 1 package of looseleaf (100 sheets)

 1 package of coloured pencils

 1 pencil sharpener

 2 erasers

 1 zippered pencil case


 Art Supplies (Scissors, Coloured Pencils, Markers, Ruler, Glue Stick, etc.)

Access to a scientific calculator is recommended (suggested models: Texas Instruments TI-30Xa or Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS)

Gym shorts, t-shirt & sneakers for Phys Ed (changing for gym is not optional)



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