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*Contacting a Student During the School Day

If you must call or text your student, please do so during scheduled breaks.

If you must contact a student during instructional time, please contact the office at 541-8260 and we will call the student to the office.

If you are dropping off or picking up your student, please do so through the main office.  It is not sufficient to text your child to meet you outside without going through the office.

Thank you.

Verge House

Stay Tuned for information on our Verge House Transition Program

Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs)

Our teachers' Collaborative Learning Teams for 2017-2018:

Junior High Language Arts - Ms. McKean (Regional Team)

Enrichment & Adaptations - Ms. Brittain, Mr. Neaves, Ms. Uhlman

Interdisciplinary Game-Based Learning - Ms. Burridge, Ms. Hall, Mr. Knapp, Mr. Watson, Ms. Veinot

Health & Fitness for Students with Special Needs - Mr. Bishop, Mr. Keefe, Mr. Richardson

Grade 9 Math - Mr. Bazot, Mr. Blanchard, Mr. MacPhee

School Counsellors - Ms. Lohnes-Cashin (Regional Team)


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