Bridgewater Junior High School

100 York Street

Bridgewater, NS

B4V 1R3

Phone: 902-541-8260

Fax: 902-541-8270



Our Mission Statement:  Bridgewater Junior High School is committed to developing confident, lifelong learners in an atmosphere of mutual support and respect. Intellectual, physical and social growth will be encouraged within a positive and challenging environment. We Believe: 1. Everyone is important. 2. Everyone should be treated with respect. 3. Schools should be a positive place in which to learn. 4. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn. 5. Everyone learns in different ways. 6. Everyone should be appropriately challenged. 7. Learning is a shared responsibility. 8. Learning is a lifelong process.

Our School Motto: MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO We strive to provide a positive and challenging learning environment in which our students can learn and develop into productive and contributing members of society.

Our Profile: 300 Students, 22 Teachers,  2 Administrators, 1 Admin Assistant, 1 School Counsellor, 12 Teacher Assistants, 3 Custodians, 1 Head custodian