Supply List for Incoming Grade 7s 2018-2019

iPad & stylus

1 duotang or small binder for homework (Math)

 1 binder (English/Social Studies)

 1 duotang (Healthy Living)

 1 package of dividers

 3 packages of pencils

 1 package of looseleaf (100 sheets)

 1 package of coloured pencils

 1 pencil sharpener

 2 erasers

 1 zippered pencil case


 Art Supplies (Scissors, Coloured Pencils, Markers, Ruler, Glue Stick, etc.)

Access to a scientific calculator is recommended (suggested models: Texas Instruments TI-30Xa or Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS)

Gym shorts, t-shirt & sneakers for Phys Ed (changing for gym is not optional)