Gym Usage Expectations at Recess and Lunch


Students are expected to be respectful and safe.
If students do not meet expectations they will be asked to leave the gym and the following consequences will take place:
1st Offense- Out remainder of the day, with email to parents/ guardians
2nd Offense- Out for 7 days, with email to parents/ guardians
3rd Offense- Out for 30 days, with a phone call to parents/ guardians
4th Offense- Out for remainder of semester
Examples of Offenses
 Playing dodge ball with non dodge balls (soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs etc.)
 Carelessly throwing balls across the gym
 Purposively kicking/ throwing balls at individuals or groups of people in gym
 Throwing balls at ceiling
 Profanity
 Going on stage without permission
These are examples of offences. Any other behaviour deemed disrespectful or unsafe with be dealt with accordingly.