Transcripts (Official and Unofficial)

Former students who would like to request transcript(s):

There is a fee for transcripts for former students.  The fee is $5 for the first transcript and $1 for each additional copy (requested at the same time).  Another request at a later date would be an additional $5.  The fee must be received before your request is processed.  Money can be mailed to Bridgewater High School, 100 York Street, Bridgewater, NS, B4V 1R3 or dropped off at the school.  Please allow at least 2 days for your request to be processed.


Please e-mail  In the e-mail, include your full legal name (including maiden name if applicable), date of birth and year of graduation.  Indicate where you would like the transcript(s) sent.  Transcript(s) can be picked up at the school as well. 


Questions:  e-mail or call 902-541-8260 or fax 902-541-8270.


Transcript requests for current students:

Current Grade 12 students: Initially a green transcript request form (located in the Main Office) is completed and given to Mrs. Hubley for processing.  For subsequent transcript requests, return the 3 sheets given to you at the time of your initial request.  See Mrs. Hubley or Ms. Lohnes, School Counsellor, if you have any questions.