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SSRSB Special Board Meeting

The SOC will present its official recommendation to the SSRSB re: the BHS/PVEC families of schools on May 12, 6:30-8:30pm. The meeting will be held in the BHS gym. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

2016 Jr High Hockey Regionals Schedule/Results

2016 Junior Hockey Regionals

Location:         Lunenburg/Queens #1 (Bridgewater) LCLC

Date:               Tuesday, 08 March

10:00am   K/H #1(West Hants)  3  vs.  L/Q#1 (Bridgewater)  8

11:30pm   S/Y#1 (Barrington)   4   vs.   A/D#1 (Clare)  1

1:30pm     Consolation  West Hants  Bronze Winners  vs. Clare

3:00pm     Championship  Bridgewater 4  vs. Barrington 2

BHS Jr High Hockey team win Reagional Banner!



Sr Boys Basketball Provincials Schedule/Results

Thursday, March 3, 2016

2pm         #4 Forest Heights   63  vs.  #5 Hants North  53

4pm       #1 Middleton   68   vs.  #8 SAERC  51

Opening Ceremonies

6pm       #3 Shelburne   65   vs.  #6 Bridgewater   81

8pm       #2 Dalbrae  68  vs.  #7 King’s Edgehill  76

Friday, March 4, 2016

2 pm       Loser (4 vs. 5)  Hants North    46 vs. Loser (1 vs. 8)    SAERC  52

4 pm       Loser (2 vs. 7)  Dalbrae  69  vs. Loser (3 vs. 6)  Shelburne  70

6 pm       Semi-Final - Winner (2 vs. 7)  King's Edgehill   62 vs.    Winner (3 vs. 6)  Bridgewater  67

8pm        Semi-Final - Winner (1 vs. 8)  Middleton   42 vs.   Winner (4 vs. 5)  Forest Heights  79

Saturday, March 5, 2016

11am Losers of Friday afternoon games for 7th place  Hants North  58 vs Dalbrae  81

4pm Winners of Friday afternoon games for 5th place  SAERC  49  vs Shelburne  81

6pm Losers of Friday evening games for 3rd place  King's Edgehill  75  vs. Middleton  87

8pm Championship Game  Bridgewater  70  vs. Forest Heights  60

BHS Senior Boys Basketball team win D3 Provincial Championship Banner!




11am    L/Q #1 (Bridgewater)   72    vs S/Y #1 (Yarmouth)   50

12:30pm    A/D #1 (Bridgetown)   41    vs K/H #1 (West Hants)   43

2:30pm    Consolation Game  Yarmouth   58  vs Bridgetown  44

4pm   Championship Game Bridgewater   52   vs West Hants  43

Bridgewater Jr Boys Basketball Team Regional Championship Winners!

Important Letter re: School Closures

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Relating to the Closure of Bridgewater High School

February 22, 2016

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Students:

On October 28, 2015, the South Shore Regional School Board approved a review of Bridgewater and Park View families of schools. The review is to be carried out in accordance with the School Review Policy implemented by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Child Development. The School Review Policy describes the process to be followed by a school board when the permanent closure of a public school is a possibility. The process as outlined in this policy ensures that communities are engaged and informed prior to and at every stage during a school review, and that members of a community are able to contribute to the examination of possible solutions to identified issues.  (School Review Policy, 22 February 2016).

The first step in the process was to establish a School Options Committee (SOC) which in our case is comprised of two School Advisory Council (SAC) members for each school under review, and two community appointments, one for each family of schools being reviewed. For Bridgewater High School, Kim Benjamin, an SAC Parent Representative and myself as SAC Chairperson were appointed as members of the SOC.  We also have one community representative, Palma Champoux.

The mandate of the SOC, as the name implies, is to review options pertaining to catchment areas, cross boundary registrations, facility utilization, operational costs, grade configuration, program options and P3 renewal recommendations. The SOC meets regularly and will hold three public meetings throughout the process and will submit a report with recommendations to the school board on or about April 27, 2016. The school board makes the final decision of accepting the SOCs recommendations, modifying or rejecting them.

It is important as parents, caregivers, and students that you participate in the review process by understanding the potential impact it may have on the delivery of education within our school board. The best way to be involved is by attending the scheduled meetings.

The first meeting, held at Bridgewater Junior Senior High School on 2 February 2016, focused on the four scenarios currently being considered by the SOC:

1.      Status Quo (650 PVEC/204 BHS) 

2.       Move grades 10, 11, and 12 from BHS to PVEC resulting in 854 students

       Merge Bridgewater High School and PVEC, which will result in the closure of Bridgewater High, putting into question the viability of Bridgewater Junior High, and the possibility of reconfiguration of the grades at Bridgewater Elementary School

3.      Move grade 9s from PVEC feeder schools to PVEC resulting in 850 students

       Move grade 9 students from the schools that feed into PVEC as per direction given in the Nova Scotia Department of Education’s Document  “The 3 Rs:  Renew, Refocus, Rebuild:  Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education 2015”

4.      Move grades 9-12 from BHS and grade 9s from PVEC feeder schools to PVEC resulting in 1154 students.

The next two public meetings will be held:

February 25                 Park View Education Centre              6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

March 30                     Location to be determined                  6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

At the next meeting the scenarios will be discussed with drop downs explaining the impact on all the Bridgewater and Park View families of schools.

If you are unable to attend this meeting and have questions or concerns please email

Andrea McGinnis: or 

Kim Benjamin:



Andrea McGinnis,

Chairperson, School Advisory Council

Bridgewater Junior Senior High School


Online Resources:

Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development  (School Review Policy)

South Shore Regional School Board

Recommendation to Review Bridgewater and Park View Families of Schools, Approved October 28, 2015

South Shore Regional School Board Long Range Outlook, Revised June 23, 20


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